Let's introduce the Japanese② [japanese]

⑤ the "cute"

Japanese, is especially true he is interesting that women are also against what "cute". Even when I was the Egyptians and chat there was a child that says well with "cawaii :)". Since the animation something term well "cute" in is used, the kana had familiar in nature and abroad?

⑥ "The hump in all the officials."

Why foreigners is that I do not know whether I like this word ... I like the word "part in all the officials" also (laughs). I'll foreigner is there are many people who are overweight. Will you "You You're fat all the officials," it said, even with the Japanese (laughs).

⑦ "all you can drink"

It seems to the service spirit strong Japan-specific culture because "all you can drink". How much drinking because even 1000 yen Pokkiri is Toka it does not be a overseas. As it were said, I do not thing it was heard all you can drink in a foreign country. The great I Nippon!

⑧ "Why Ya"

And I also often interact through comparatively gag me international exchange (or rather words is not through the surprisingly many people who would run to gag to w) but, "Why Ya Ninen" and plunges do Japanese when such and but it is (laughs). The tsukkomi is seems appeal to foreigners (laughs).

Let's introduce the Japanese① [japanese]

Let's introduce the Japanese popular words heard towards overseas.

① "personally ..."

Normally and I wish Speaking "I ~", all the way in the little roundabout way to say that "personally -" There was a foreigner says interesting to Rashiku Japanese. Certainly "Personally," it will be the Japanese language specific? ~ I because Japanese are not good at self-assertion.

② "refer to the umbrella."

When I heard the first time the Japanese called "an umbrella", foreigners that had wanted to "e! Stab of!?" Is also (laughs). Behavior that refers to the umbrella that it is English expression "open (Open)" or "put up (spread'll)". Said the consent. ~ It is interesting expression I "refers to the umbrella."

③ "seppuku"

Despite no longer culture now, it seems to still think that foreigners have seppuku Japanese people (laughs). If you tell that I am a Japanese, "seppuku!" That a lot of foreigners pleased to say the "Harakiri!" (Laughs). The ages of the story Ya! (LOL)

④ "gibberish"

Although you may want to express the expression "do not know" to Fu called "gibberish", also foreigners that likes interesting is this sound. Certainly it this sound is unique. "Is gibberish?" When not get know I was talking on the Japanese and there was that laughter has taken to say (laughs).